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"It's the highest quality care—from the thoroughness of the exam to the clarity of Dr. Fine's and Dr. Leventhal's commincations. This gives me the greatest assurance and confidence."

—Joseph M., N.J.

OUR PROMISE: A Radically Different Patient Experience

Patients tell us that hospital prostate "center-type" settings feel like bureaucratic health "factories", with cold and complicated administrative processes. Beyond single-minded patient care, hospitals today are dedicated to being academic research centers, as well as teaching and training facilities for young doctors.

Experience of Prostate Patients In Today's Healthcare System

Too often prostate patients' experience with the health care system is difficult to navigate:

  • Too little patient caring and too much variability in the quality of treatment.
  • Too impersonal and hurried and with less, rather than more "doctoring."

The Difference: Hallmarks of Prostate Healthcare of New York

  • Designed to serve as your primary care, university-affiliated, Board certified physicians specializing in men's health in a private setting.
  • Recognized as one of the most highly regarded prostate practices in the country providing unrivalled collaborative diagnostic and treatment solutions and the absolute highest levels of training and expertise available today.
  • Each doctor has over 30 years experience drawn from a combined total of more than 300,000 prostate and urologic patient-visits and more than 10,000 prostate and urologic surgeries.
  • Regarded as the most experienced team prostate surgeons available today in the New York area. Dr. Fine and Dr. Leventhal perform "Four Handed, Sensory-Guided Surgery" that provides the highest degree of surgical precision available, unsurpassed results in cancer control with emphasis on erectile preservation and urinary continence; and reduced surgical time with the fewest complications.
  • Patients report we deliver the most satisfying patient experiences and outcomes; the highest degree of assurance and confidence; the best prostate health management program.