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"Their Four-Handed, Sensory Guided Surgery is a most unusual type of surgical approach, one that I found very reassuring and satisfying."

—Thomas R., N.Y.

PATIENT BENEFITS: Our specialty practice delivers what patients most need, value and appreciate.

Patients need:

The highest level of medical insight and guidance, superlative diagnosis and outstanding medical/surgical treatment and care that is delivered with humanity, compassion and outstanding patient service at every patient encounter.

Patients value:

Our commitment to "Four Handed Sensory Guided Surgery"; our team approach in the operating room as well as in our office; thoroughness in diagnoses and the clarity of our explanations when presenting all treatment options, including medical and surgical choices.

Patients appreciate:

Our consistent delivery of the most rapid treatment action and office service; the best available advice and navigation through complicated hospital administrative procedures and the counseling we provide family members of our patients.

We emphasize non-surgical treatment, when appropriate. Generally, patients are found to be in reasonable prostate health, requiring nothing more than lifestyle changes and/or medication.

"Among the most satisfying medical experiences I ever had."

Robotic Surgery & Lasers:

For surgical patients, in addition to our Four Handed Sensory Guided Surgery, we employ the latest techniques such as lasers; work with the most experienced specialists in robotic surgery; call upon the best radiation oncologists if patients need radiation; and provide comfort to patients through our years of experience.

We are pleased to share references and patient commentaries about their experiences with us in dealing with real prostate conditions and treatment. These often provide reassurance to new prostate patients.

Three Keys To Patient Satisfaction

Patients give three other reasons for our unsurpassed patient satisfaction. We are really proud of this, but never take it for granted.

"I'd follow them anywhere. I've referred friends to them, and they all have had the same experience. I respect their honesty and personal style with patients."

  1. Humanity: Patients want to know they are cared for and truly cared about.

    Patients cite our dedication each day, all day long, to listening carefully to their needs, wants, concerns and fears and to providing the complete answers, explanations, options and recommended courses of action, until they are satisfied. At our offices, there's none of the traditional "five minutes and out."

  2. Over 20 years of commitment to the highest level of patient service and responsiveness.

    We are able to provide a heightened level of service because we limit the number of patients seen in any day. We do not stop working each day until all patients have been called back. Patients do not wait weeks or months to schedule regular or routine follow-up appointments. They see us in the week they call for routine appointments, and usually the same day they call for urgent care appointments. Once in the office, our commitment and practice is that patients are seen promptly—with the exception of other patient emergencies.

  3. Prostate Health Management Program.

    This on-going, medically-supervised program includes exams, education, advice, as well as imaging and lab studies. The program helps assure optimal health, detects early, subtle changes that may require medical or surgical intervention, and provides patients with a committed and determined ally to guide and assist them through the often frustrating maze of hospital services and complicated administrative procedures.

The result is the finest patient experience available. Ask our patients. We trust you will hear an uncommon level of heartfelt appreciation.