Ultrasound and the Complete Urologist Part 2: Outcomes

Fine E: Ultrasound and the Complete Urologist Part 2: Outcomes. Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations: October 2017, Vol 35, Issue 10 Pages 586-592

(October 1, 2017) Abstract

Outcome studies help establish the benefits of tests or procedures that can change the delivery of medical care. Through this discourse, the current status of outcomes with respect to the use of ultrasound imaging for AMH as well as its general use during a routine urologic physical examination are explored. The changes in today's health care environment focus on cost reduction and outcomes that produce value in the context of patient satisfaction. The question is whether we have to wait for outcome results (that can take a lengthy period of time to achieve) before the benefits produced by ultrasound can be applied. This report reviews the literature and the role ultrasound can play in today's urologic health care environment. Supportive evidence demonstrates the value that ultrasound use brings to the urologic examining table for AMH and to daily urologic practice to the benefit of both patient and physician.